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Agnes Chavez founder of STEM Arts based in Taos, NM has been giving students an opportunity to explore their interests in STEM and the Arts.
↳ For students ages 14-19, a great way to earn while they learn.

STEM apprenticeship
Apprenticeship for girls from NNM



The 2024 New Mexico LDZ Youth Legislative Session has invited you to apply!
  • The NM LDZ is a FREE, week-long student leadership development opportunity for sophomores and juniors to network with youth leaders from across the state while engaging in the legislative process as they work through policy development. 
  • Not only do the youth walk away with connections with future-focused youth leaders, but they also gain confidence in their capacities to advocate for themselves and others, create space for their voices, and develop action-based policies that can impact their communities. 
  • This opportunity also gives students a chance to stay in the Albuquerque - UNM area with their peers, opening them up to the possibilities of what it might be like to live on a college campus. 
  • Finally, they will practice legislative processes IN Santa Fe's Round House throughout the week of the event.
NE ENLACE intends to have student leaders from every school district in northeast New Mexico attend this life-changing event so the voices of our youth can impact the New Mexico of today and of tomorrow. 
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Job Opportunities for Graduating Seniors:
Assessment Information
Cohort 2023 & Cohort 2024: Title I Assessment Participation Requirement Cohort 2023 students who did not participate in spring 2022 Title I assessments are encouraged, but not required, to participate in DLM, SAT, and ASR assessments during their senior year. However, cohort 2024 graduates are required to participate in all Title I, Every Student Succeed Acts (ESSA) assessment programs for which they are eligible in order to graduate.