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Open Enrollment 2024-2025 Form

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Open Enrollment for 2024-2025

Pojoaque Valley School District (PVSD) will be accepting Out-of-District Transfer Requests beginning on March 7, 2024, for the 2024-2025 school year.

Thank you for considering PVSD to provide an excellent education for your child.  Applications may be obtained by contacting Elaina Nunez at (505) 455-2282, Ext. 1010.

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Has your child exhibited behaviors in the previous school in the last 12 months that are considered disruptive or detrimental to the safety and/or welfare of students or personnel?*
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Please review District Policy 300 information in order to respond to the following question:

Per District Policy 300 Open Enrollment, students shall be enrolled or re-enrolled in each school unit according to the following priorities:

First, students residing within the District and who had resided in the District prior to the deployment of a parent who is an active duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States or a member of the National Guard, and whose deployment required the student to relocate outside the District for custodial care.

Second, students enrolled in a school ranked as a school that needs improvement or graded by the New Mexico Public Education Department as a “D” or “F” school or otherwise designated under state law as a school subject to corrective action.

Third, students who attended PVSD the previous year, if there is space/program available. “Space/Program availability” means that there must be a program currently offered and that class size limits have not or will not be exceeded. The following factors may be used in order to determine priority for enrollment for third-party applicants: [ ] A. Children of PVSD employees; [ ] B. Siblings of students already attending PVSD [ ] C. Extreme hardship as determined by the superintendent or his or her designee [ ] D.  Student safety as determined by the superintendent or his or her designee

Fourth, all other applicants will be considered, if there is space/program available, according to the factors set forth above.

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Application of Understanding:

By checking the box above, I am certifying and understand that approval will depend on priority level and space availability. I am also certifying that the information on this application is true and correct. I am aware that falsifying information could lead to immediate dis enrollment.

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